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Trees give us a lot of many more benefits that we hardly know. More of all, Trees are homes for a lot of birds and tiny animals. Cutting down of trees would affect the entire ecosystem. Birds would shift to other localities.

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Animals that rely on trees as shelter die pathetically. Ultimately, it affects the life of mankind too. Understanding this fact is the first step towards saving trees. We should Save Trees to Save Earth so that we can live without disturbing the nature. Your email address will not be published. Notify me of follow-up comments by email.

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Save Earth: 10 Things must be Done To Save the Earth, Short Essay for Students

Click here for instructions on how to enable JavaScript in your browser. By planting trees we can improve our environment. We must also save water which is a precious natural resource. We must also avoid polluting water bodies. We must be judicious in the use of all natural resources.

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We can thus save the Earth. The Earth is home to millions of life forms that may be terrestrial or aquatic creatures. The Earth sustains life. The Earth has air to breathe. The air that surrounds our planet is a mixture that is conducive for life forms to live.

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The air has oxygen that we breathe. The carbon-dioxide that we breathe out is also present in the air, and is used by plants and trees to carry out photosynthesis so that they can live. Life forms also need water. The Earth has water bodies like rivers, streams, lakes, seas and oceans. While seas and oceans have saline water that cannot be consumed, the sweet water of the rivers, streams and lakes is fit to be consumed.

Man and other creatures need water to drink. Man needs water for other purposes too such as cooking, and maintaining personal hygiene and clean surroundings. Aquatic creatures live in water bodies, and cannot survive without water.

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Water is needed for all vegetation to grow. Plants, shrubs, grasses, creepers, and trees all need water to grow. Similarly, agriculture, on which our food depends, cannot be engaged in if there is no water. Forests keep the hydrological cycle going. Forests help in maintaining the cyclical patterns of monsoon systems. If there is a disturbance in the climate, there are natural crises and disasters such as floods. Sunlight, air, water and vegetation help sustain life on the Earth. The Earth must be protected if life on the planet is to be protected. We can save the Earth by preventing pollution of the Earth and the natural resources such as air and water.

We must also save our forests.

We must protect all life forms, as all life forms together make up the web of life. By saving the Earth, we save ourselves. Planet Earth is the only place where life is found. The Earth is able to sustain life because of the natural resources such as sunlight, air, water and vegetation that are available on the planet. The air has been polluted through smoke from vehicular traffic, industries, and burning of toxic matter. As more and more vehicles ply on the roads, and industries emit smoke and fumes, the air has got more and more polluted.

This has led to an accumulation of greenhouse gases, and warming of the atmosphere. Global warming has led to the dangerous phenomenon of climate change. Similarly, land has been polluted by dumping garbage from homes, and wastes from industries in landfills. When it rains toxic compounds from the landfills get leached into the soil, polluting the soil.

Likewise, the water bodies on the planet have been polluted by dumping garbage and wastes of all types into it. Plastic has contributed to pollution of land and water.

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Biological wastes and electronic wastes are also contributing to pollution of water and land. Deforestation is another major issue that has contributed to environmental damage. When forests are cleared, the land that thus becomes available is used for building residential and industrial areas.

By losing forest cover, we lose the ecological advantages that forests give us. Forests help in binding the soil, and in maintaining the hydrological cycle.


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They also help in maintaining the cyclical patterns of the monsoons. We also create imbalance in the food chain by clearing forest areas. We need to save the earth for our survival. All life forms are of importance in ecological equilibrium. By destroying habitats such as forests and grasslands, and by polluting water bodies, we pose a threat to the life of man and all life forms.

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  8. It is therefore important that we save Planet earth which is home to all life forms. The Earth is a planet that sustains life. Many thousands of life forms including man live on Earth. This planet of the solar system has the natural systems and conditions to be able to sustain life. Planet Earth has air for us to breathe, water that we can drink, and food to sustain the life forms.

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    Earth also has the temperature and climatic conditions that we can tolerate. For instance, in the solar system, we cannot live on a planet like Venus which is very hot, nor can we survive on Neptune, a very cold planet. The Earth has air which we can breathe to stay alive.

    The oxygen in the air is what we breathe in, and it is what keeps us alive. The Earth has trees and forests as also water. Trees provide us ample benefits. Trees use up carbon-dioxide from the air for carrying out the process of photosynthesis, and give out oxygen, which we need for breathing. Trees are also food for man and other herbivorous animals. Trees and forests are also home to many wildlife species. Forests help in maintaining the hydrological cycle too. They help in maintaining the water table level. They also help in keeping the monsoon systems going.

    Water is vital to life, and we cannot live if there is no water.